This Berlinetta Aerodinamica Technica is based on a 1952 Abarth

The Berlinetta Aerodinamica Tecnica 7, or B.A.T. 7, took up the styling dictates of the previous model, the B.A.T. 5, and worked them to the limit. The car was based on the general idea of the 1952 Abarth 1400 coupe, with Alfa 1900 Sprint mechanics. » 3/19/15 7:07am 3/19/15 7:07am

Not kidding, recently I was doing some clean-up and I found the original box for the Mac 8600 I bought when it came out. Price tag was on the box, price ? $7500 CDN! » 3/18/15 1:25pm 3/18/15 1:25pm

The fact that it (he?) has to dance to maintain vertical equilibrium doesn't make it very energy efficient which should be a major concern.. » 3/17/15 4:40am 3/17/15 4:40am